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Electric Wheelchairs in Gran Canaria

If you need to rent an electric wheelchair, we can help with a wide range of models and stock.

1.- Electric wheel chairs Mod. Fox Electric Wheelchairs in Gran Canaria
The new Invacare Fox uses the latest innovations to make daily life of wheelchair users easier. Thanks to its modular design, lightweight and compact offers excellent maneuverability indoors, while its oscillating axle and the optimized position of the battery ensure excellent traction abroad. It also comes equipped with a multi-adjustable seat that adapts to the different needs of users.
Starting From € 25.00 per Day
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2.- Electric wheel chairs Mod. Kite deluxe Electric Wheelchairs in Gran Canaria
The Comet family will make you enjoy a nice walk and reach a high speed safely. With its large wheels and powerful engine with adjustable suspension both front and rear wheels, the Comet offers a superb shift results. It is equipped with a speed limiter that automatically reduces speed on bends for safety and maneuverability.
Starting From € 27.00 per Day
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3. - Silla Confort TDX SP2 Electric Wheelchairs in Gran Canaria
La silla Invacare TDX SP2 es una silla electrónica de gama alta que satisfacer a los usuarios más exigentes. Gracias a la tracción central, la TDX SP2 ofrece una maniobrabilidad inigualable. equipada con los sistemas SUre Step y Stability Lock supera sin dificultad obstáculos, con una estabilidad óptima y con toda seguridad.
Starting From € 30.00 per Day
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